10 Awesome RV Rides You Wish You Had!

Average motorhomes are a thing of the past – while spending quality time with family, you could opt for a state-of-the-art recreational vehicle. Check out some of the top notch RVs out there for the best ever road trip of your life!

Marchi Mobile

It is built for partygoers with a roof terrace, bar, and lounge in the interior that is designed like a mansion. Lift furniture, surveillance cameras, lighting, heating, and cooling – everything can be operated with the push of a button. You will love the spa bathroom with a rainfall shower, illuminated marble and wood, and functional fire place.

Country Coach Veranda

The feature that sets this motorhome apart from the rest is a super dope porch. It is a huge hit with kids because it will certainly be the best home on campground!

Mercedes Benz Zetros

Don’t judge a book by its cover – you might think the Zetros looks like a cargo truck used at construction sites, but it is assuredly not so. Its sturdy appearance is due to the fact that it was mostly used for off-road military vehicles in disaster relief and peace-keeping situations. Inside you will find flat screens, a Bose sound system, and heated floors! It boasts of a 7.2-liter inline-six diesel engine with 326 horsepower and 960 pound-feet of torque and a rear compartment to house an ATV.

Terra Wind Amphibious RV

An amphibious RV will be a different and rather exciting way to go for an adventure because who wouldn’t want to own a camper that can swim? The Terra Wind might be expensive but it is definitely worth it.

EarthRoamer XV-JP

If you are fond of exploring, the compact EarthRoamer is perfect for you. This Jeep-based ride is great on rough roads such as the back paths of jungles or the rocky terrains on a mountain. A kitchen and queen bed is included which takes care of the basic amenities.

Motorhome Futuria

Want to live in a five star hotel while going camping? The Futuria offers that and more! An avant-garde in motion, you can enjoy the LED-speckled mirrored ceiling designed to give the illusion of a starry sky, while sitting in the Jacuzzi and sipping champagne. It also has a spacious garage that houses a Gumpert Apollo.

This article features the rest of the top 10 awesome RVs you could own.

What You Should Know About Senior Passes & Where To Get Them.

Contrary to common belief, a Senior Pass is quite easy to get these days. You need to be a permanent resident of the U.S. and over 62 years of age in order to qualify for the senior pass. You also require proper identification like a U.S. Driver’s License, Green Card or U.S. Passport.


What is a Senior Pass?

It’s a pass that will get you into more than 2,000 recreation sites managed by five Federal agencies, which are The USDA Forest Service, the National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Bureau of Reclamation. You only need to pay $10 for a lifetime pass. The proceeds are used to improve the recreation services for the visitors.

What are the benefits offered with a Senior Pass?

You might get discounts at some sites on Expanded Amenity Fees, which include activities like swimming, canoeing, camping, and so on. Since there are five Federal agencies operating under different norms, the fee structure along with the discount differs as well. The discount is valid only for the pass owner and not for other member’s of his party. You can expect discounts for individual campsites, campsites with utility hookups (no discount if utility fees are separate), group campsites with facilities (barring those that charge a flat rate for the entire group), and guided tours. You might have to inquire locally about transportation system charges, concessionaire fees, and special use permit fees. The pass owner will not be able to avail discounts in gift shops or book stores. Also, you can’t use it while going to state parks or local city/county recreation sites.


Where can you get the Senior Pass?

It can be bought in person from any participating Federal recreation site or office. You can check the site locations online. It can also be delivered via mail order from USGS for an extra processing fee of $10. You have to provide documents with proof of residency and age and a completed application. The applications are processed and passes are shipped within 3-5 business days from the day they arrive at USGS. Sometimes, there is an overload of applications, which might cause a slight delay in the dispatching of the pass. Transit time will vary according to the carrier selected. In case you need the pass quickly, request expedited shipping services for your order.

For more information about the Senior Pass, have a look here.

RV Expos and Shows around Arizona

An RV show means pure fun and excitement, especially if you’re planning a big road trip sometime soon or are looking to exchange or upgrade your RV. Arizona has such amazing RV shows that it is definitely a crime if you don’t attend at least one of them.

Here are some of the well-known ones:

Sand & Water Expo


For people who are into boating, offroading, and RVing this place is paradise! The aim is to capture the passion and enthusiasm of these complementary markets and give people a chance to browse, compare and shop for products such as offroad vehicles, trucks, sand rails, ATVs, UTVs, 4 x 4s, buggies, motorcycles, electric vehicles, RVs, toy haulers, travel trailers, boats, along with all the relevant accessories and services. There are arrangements of a beer garden on-site that you shouldn’t miss. Food stalls will definitely be present where you can dig in to some yummy and mouth-watering dishes while choosing what to buy! Please ensure that you don’t have pets with you, although dogs on a leash are usually allowed inside. More info on their website – http://sandandwaterexpo.com/

Arizona Boat & RV Show


Always wanted to own a boat or RV? Well, you might want to pop in to the annual Arizona Boat and RV Show! Owning your dream vehicle just became simple and quite affordable. This show has gained a cult following over the years and has become a community tradition for 6 decades. You can check out new and used ski boats, wakeboard boats, fishing boats, cruisers, motorhomes, travel trailers, toy haulers, pop-ups, fifth wheels and much more via local dealers. Purchasing would be a wise decision since the prices are lowered for this once a year show and sale. Admission is pretty reasonable and you can also opt for a special pass that grants you entry for all days. Get more details here – http://www.greenband.com/az_boat_rv_expo_visitor.html

Exclusive RV Dealer of the Quartzsite RV Show


Quartzsite in Arizona was a barren area, but for the last 3 decades, there has been a flurry of activity with the crowds increasing every year. They are called the “gypsies of the modern world”, who come to attend one of the largest RV shows in America. Paul Evert’s RV Country is the exclusive dealer of this show. Apart from checking out RVs, there is much to do and see at the rock, gem and mineral shows, craft show, and the flea markets. More info here – http://www.quartzsitervshow.com/rv/exclusive-rv-dealer/.

Have you been to any of these or other RV shows and expos around Arizona? Tell us about them.

Tips to Stay in Touch with Family during Extended Trips

Vacation time means fun and relaxation, leaving all worries and cares behind. But then again, in the midst of your enjoyment you also need to keep in touch with your family, kids and friends back home. Share your experiences with them, and most importantly, let them know how you’re doing as they’re certainly going to be worried. Many of you might already be using these different methods of communication, and having a smartphone too makes life so much simpler. This blog post serves as a reminder as to how you can stay in touch with family during vacations easily.




This is the most commonly used instant messaging method by people all over the world. The service is totally free of cost when you make calls between two computers. Even if you want to call a phone or land line, the charges are extremely reasonable. Video calls can also be conducted via Skype. The Skype WiFi app has made things easier as you only have to pay for the time spent online as opposed to your download quota.


Communicating via email is convenient and a viable option for keeping in touch. A lot of people are not too comfortable with smartphone apps, which is why email is still preferred. You can create an email list that is relevant to your trip, that you can send photos, or updates to. Ideally it is best to set an email date in advance – once or twice a week, or as your schedule permits, and adhering to it. A regular email goes a long way in reassuring your loved ones that you are okay.

Calling Card

It doesn’t cost a fortune to talk to someone via phone who is on the other side of the world. Calling cards have become a suitable alternative for places where Internet access might not be available. Moreover, if you have gone for hiking, trekking, etc. it is not advisable to carry your laptop with you. With the help of calling cards, you can talk to your family anytime and provide them with updates about your trip.

Apps on Phone

If your trip is full of plans and activities that leave little time for emails or calls, it is best to make use of the numerous apps that are available these days. A cross-platform app should be sufficient to send instant messages to mobiles with the same program. Whatsapp is extremely popular as you can send photos, videos, and text messages for free regardless of where you are located.


The good old postcard goes a long way too! :)

With so many options available now, keeping in touch with near and dear ones on extended trips is a cinch!

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