8 Amazing Places To Explore in Arizona

If you are heading off to visit the lovely state of Arizona soon, you’ll probably need a list of the best scenic places to go to. We’ve come up with the list, now all you have to do is bring your camera along to make sure you get those wonderful photos. Here’s the list of eight amazing places to explore in Arizona:

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular places on Earth. The rocks and the sunset never fail to produce beautiful scenery for tourists and residents alike.


South Mountain Park

The South Mountain Park boasts of over 16,000 acres of area. It offers 51 miles of primary trails for hiking, horseback riding and biking. It is also known as a Phoenix Point of Pride.


Monument Valley

Its dramatic, mesmerizing lighting is a must-see. With the sun illuminating the towers and casting long shadows on the valley floor, there is no doubt that this place also made it as one of the most photographed places in the United States.


Horseshoe Bend

The Horseshoe Bend is a spot where the Colorado River forms a horseshoe shape and makes this canyon before opening up into the Grand Canyon.


Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu is one of Arizona’s beautiful places. Tourists love it as it offers the perfect environment for water and desert enthusiasts alike. Outdoor adventures, golfing, shopping and dining are some of the activities you can do around the area. With 400 miles of shoreline and constant sunshine, it’s the perfect place for an Arizona vacation.


Saguaro National Park

The Saguaro National Park is undoubtedly famous among tourists.  You’ll most likely enjoy the museum exhibits, informational slide shows, cactus garden tours, hiking, camping and viewing wildlife.


Lake Mead

Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States. With fun activities and a beautiful desert environment, this enormous lake holds as much as 9 trillion gallons of water – giving you the opportunity to enjoy activities such boating, swimming, fishing and basking in the sunshine.


Petrified Forest

Visiting the Petrified Forest National Park also means experiencing one of the world’s largest and most vibrantly colored assemblies of petrified wood, historic structures and archeological sites. Find 200-million-year-old fossils and learn about its prehistoric inhabitants. Tourists mostly love the breathtaking view brought by the designated hiking trails that stretch up to three miles.


Among the eight places, which one excites you the most? Go ahead and tell us in the comments below!

13 Songs To Add To Your RV Playlist


Are you planning to go on an RV trip this Spring? If you are, you’re probably going to bring your iPod and load it up with some of the best road trip songs to listen to. We think you’ll enjoy the playlist below:

Life Is A Highway by Rascal Flatts

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

Flying Away by Moony

Ticket To Ride by Beatles

Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus

Beautiful Day by U2

All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow

Real Gone by Sheryl Crow

Route 66 by John Mayer

Fly by Sugar Ray

My Favourite Game by The Cardigans

Viva La Vida by Coldplay

San Francisco by The Mowgli’s

Is there a song you like that’s not included on the list? Share it with us so we can add it up on our playlist too!


5 Top RV Myths: Busted




There are many myths about RV travels. Some people have misconceptions about RV trips because of such myths. We want to look into 5 top RV myths and let you in on the truth so you won’t have any reason to hold yourself back from a great RV adventure:

Myth 1: If you travel using an RV, you will have to do without the comforts and luxuries of your home.

This was true years ago, but not anymore. Currently, there are a variety of modern RVs that are designed comfortably to mimic the home. These RVs have everything from fabulous cooking areas and showers to high-speed Wi-Fi and satellite TV. These features are made available by RV manufacturers to provide maximum convenience for RV goers.

Myth #2 – RVing is only for old people.

Not really. RVing is for everyone no matter the age, nationality or culture. Anyone who wants to go on an RV trip is guaranteed to a memorable experience. If you are bringing kids along, you just have to make sure you pack some toys and child-proof your RV. If you will be traveling by a bunch of seniors who love fishing, then never leave without your fishing gear in case you’d have the chance to go fishing. The key is to keep everyone entertained. Both seniors and kids can enjoy an RV trip as long as it is planned well.

Myth #3: RVs are hard to drive.

Actually, driving an RV is almost similar to driving a car. RVs vary in sizes too – this means that you can choose one with a size that is more comfortable for you and suitable for your itinerary. If you opt for large RVs, you still don’t have to worry – you won’t have any problems as long as you are very careful.

Myth #4: An RV trip is very costly.

Contrary to this myth, you might be surprised to discover that RV trips are much more economical than you think. When you add up expenses for airfare, car rental, hotel and food, it can begin to hurt your wallet. Another reason why RV trips are cost-effective is the comfort of being able to cook in your own kitchen, or sleeping in your own bed. Some hotels try to rip you off from charging a lot but fail to deliver a superb service – not worth your hard-earned money.

Myth #5: Cooking in an RV is difficult.

Most RV’s come with contemporary kitchens equipped with the necessary appliances such as refrigerators, chest freezers, ovens and stoves. Traveling in an RV allows you to plan your meals and eat healthy food. You have an option to bring some local products along so you don’t miss your usual home-cooked food. Plus, eating in your RV costs less money compared to dining at restaurants.

Have you heard of other RV myths that aren’t included on this list? Do you believe in them? You may have heard of a few but these things should not stop you from exploring beautiful places with your RV. As long as you pack all the stuff that you need, find a comfortable RV resort to stay at and go with the right company – your RV trip is guaranteed to be one of the best experiences in your life.

How to Choose the Perfect RV Resort




Going on an RV trip ultimately gives you a feeling of independence. You are not limited to a particular place for any period of time. You get to explore as many places as you want because you are constantly on the move. However, when you travel in your RV, you need to look for a good RV resort. So, before you set out on a trip, assess the place first. Do a little research to find out which RV resort perfectly suits your needs. It’s very important check out certain facilities and features before you select a resort for you to stay at.

1. Make sure basic requirements are met.

Basic necessities include water, electricity and perhaps Internet access too. While most RV resorts have these facilities available, there are some that don’t. The best thing to do is to get in touch with a prospective RV resort and verify whether they have these facilities available. Make a checklist of the things you need so you can run each through with the resort and get a confirmation.

2. Plan how long you need to stay at a resort.

You need to determine in advance the duration you plan to stay parked in the resort. Some resorts allow long-term stay while some only accommodate shorter durations. Some parks have a fixed limit while some also require a minimum number of days for parking. It’s highly recommended that you decide how long you would want to stay and ask the resort about their policy regarding this matter.

3. Consider the location.

You must choose a resort that is convenient for your traveling plans and the whole itinerary. If you plan to visit several places, you could select a resort that is within range from these areas so you wouldn’t have to go out your way. This will also require less effort on your end and more time to enjoy your trip.

4. Check the resort’s security system.

Another important thing to consider is security. Talk to the managers of the resort and find out how effective their security systems are. Do they have security cameras to monitor the whole place? Do they use a theft alarm to protect their guests’ property? Don’t hesitate to ask these questions to get a clear idea on whether the resort takes security issues seriously.

6. Ambience is a factor.

A beautiful resort helps you unwind. Check the resort’s website and browse through their photos. If you know someone who has visited the place in the past, try asking that person whether he or she will recommend it. When you are pleased by how the place looks like, you are most likely to have fun and get rid of stress. Plus, a nice resort also helps make great photos!

7. Compare accommodation rates.

Whether you plan to splurge a little or plan to stick with a modest budget, it is still important to evaluate accommodation rates. Evaluate whether the costs are reasonable or not. Go online to see a comparison of prices and choose the one that provides you comfort without having to break the bank.

Have you had any experience wherein you checked in at an RV resort you disliked? Tell us all about it by leaving a comment below!

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