Top 5 Water Activities in Arizona

Arizona Isn’t Just About RV Resorts Arizona is an awesome tourist destination not only because of its many RV resorts that accommodate snowbirds during winter. AZ is a fun place to be also because it boasts of amazing shorelines, lakes and rivers where you can hang out to refresh and invigorate. Yes, Arizona isn’t just […]

Gear Up For The 2014 Cal-Am Concert Series!

Are You Ready For The 2014 Cal-Am Concert Series? Have you checked our website for the 2014 Cal-Am Concert Series? If you haven’t, let this week’s blog deliver the juicy details straight to you! We’ve been providing you with fun-filled musical events ever since and we do not want to break the chain! We scheduled […]

Have A Stress-Busting Weekend In Arizona

Are You Ready For An Arizona Weekend? Most of us spend weekdays working, doing chores, running errands or attending to other responsibilities. When Monday comes, it feels as though it’s going to be a very long week. By Wednesday, anxiety kicks in and we can hardly wait for the week to end. By Thursday, our […]

Valle Del Oro: Another Paradise In Mesa, Arizona

Say Hello To Valle Del Oro Nothing beats retirement years spent in a premier destination such as Valle Del Oro RV Resort. It’s one of Cal Am Resorts’ finest hideaways which is also situated in the warm and beautiful city of Mesa. Because it is nestled in Arizona’s center of population, expect to never run […]

Relaxation For Seniors: Why Is It Important?

In this blog post, we would like to give emphasis to the importance of relaxation for seniors. Indeed, we all get stressed out at some point in our lives regardless of our age. By definition, stress is our body’s natural way of reacting or responding to certain events, people, things or condition which threaten or […]

Mesa Regal RV Resort: Having A Blast This 2013!

Do you want to meet new friends, relax, have fun and get easy access to everything that you need and more? Let us present to you one of Cal-Am Resort’s finest RV communities in Mesa, Arizona — Mesa Regal RV Resort! You’ll surely come back and stay with us once you’ve experienced the Mesa Regal […]